Our team has been conducting
specialised market research since 2008

Who we are

EARC is a market research and consulting company that provides a comprehensive suite of quantitative, qualitative and neuromarketing research. Using a variety of methods, we gather data that can be translated into actionable and relevant solutions for businesses and organisations.

Since 2008, our team has grown from a two-man initiative into a thriving team of seven full-time staff. We also work with a network of reliable and vetted surveyors, interviewers and recruiters.

While we rely on tried-and-true methods, we are also constantly upgrading our knowledge and capabilities, for instance attending university research courses to keep current with research methodologies. In recent years, we have also expanded our services to include neuromarketing research advanced technologies.

What we aspire to

Our vision is to become a leading research supplier locally and regionally, establishing long-term research collaborations that are demonstrated by our strong client network of SMEs, public service and private sectors.

We promise high quality results and open communication with our valued clients. We take great responsibility and pride in every project we embark on.

Our Clients